Care Home Insurance, Cupio HealthCare LTD

We have been clients of Marsh Commercial for many years and have been very pleased with their level of service and professionalism. We have a very diverse portfolio of business placed through Marsh Commercial and their expertise in the care sector has been invaluable. 

They have worked very closely with us over the years to understand our business and assist with providing comprehensive cover to ensure we are not left vulnerable in the event of any potential claims. The service we receive is excellent, as queries are dealt with promptly and professionally, regardless of complexity or volume. 

Marsh Commercial keep us regularly informed as to what is happening in the insurance world, and communicate monthly with relation to what is happening in our organisation. At our quarterly review meetings we are provided with a full breakdown and analysis of our claims experience which can help identify trends. In doing so, this allows us to work alongside Marsh Commercial to develop a training plan with the aim of mitigating future potential losses. 

In summary, Marsh Commercial is a highly reputable company which adds value to our work; it is a company which believes in relationships, and understands that getting to know its clients is fundamental to supporting and working with them productively in the long-term.

Minesh Shah, Finance Director
Cupio Healthcare Ltd and Subsidiaries

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