Client Reviews & Feedback

Client experience 

We recognise that without you, our client, we would not be in business. This thinking drives our Client Experience Programme through which we actively listen and respond to your feedback.

  • Annual surveys
    We run an annual survey as part of an independent 'Investor In Customers' assessment of our business, alongside a comprehensive programme of very short surveys throughout the year.
  • Individual recognition
    We also give you the opportunity to single out individuals who provide an outstanding service through our Recognise programme.
  • Just the right amount
    Don’t worry, you won't be plagued by survey requests. No client receives more than four requests a year.

We don’t pay lip service to your feedback. This is not a research activity, or a creatively disguised sales initiative. This programme genuinely shapes the way we do business every day.

You shape our business

This programme ensures that every day, managers and staff within the business hear directly from our clients; helping them to understand what matters most and how our service makes you feel.

Every piece of feedback is read by managers at a local and national level. We respond, using your feedback to improve the business for you.

Give some recognition

You’re encouraged to participate in this feedback process. Tell us how we are doing.

Feedback on your advisor.

Making a complaint

Not up to scratch? Let us know what went wrong, and how we can fix it. 

Learn how you can make a complaint.

Client feedback

We recognise that without you, our clients, we would not be in business. Your feedback shapes our business, and we use it to improve the things that matter most to you.