Commercial insurance client review, Truffle Hunter

Commercial combined, TruffleHunter Ltd

I took over looking after TruffleHunter's business insurance at the beginning of 2022, I knew nothing!

Louise helped me every step of the way, breaking things down, explaining things & how they work & why we need them. She knows our business inside and out, she understands how our CEO likes information presented to him. 

I wouldn't get that service anywhere else. Other brokers tried, they came in to ask to quote, wasted my time, then I never heard from them again.

Although our account manager is Louise, Jody is always there to help me on a day to day basis. He understands our company, he knows what I mean if I email him and it's not official insurance speak. 

I don't worry if I have a query regarding insurance as I know I can email Jody and he will help me.

Together, Louise and Jody are an amazing team.