Workplace pensions - Salary sacrifice case study


An employer was looking to move its office headquarters from a tranquil rural setting, to the centre of Bristol. Because their benefits were provided through a number of different advisers, there was no single, clear means of benefit communication.


The planned office move was having a negative impact on employee engagement, with employees worried about a longer commute, the loss of free parking and the subsequent impact this would have on their work life balances and disposable income.

Without a single, clear means of benefit communication, the existing benefits package wasn't fully appreciated, with the effects of which were now being compounded by falling employee engagement.


With less engaged employees more likely to take time off work and even seek alternative employment, the employer was concerned about how this fall in engagement would impact productivity and ultimately the profitability of the business.

Pay Off

By working closely with the employer, we were able to identify ways to improve the employee benefits package. The improvements increased the employees' appreciation of their benefits and ultimately increased employee engagement.

We introduced our online benefits platform, Personify, so that employees could see the value of their total remuneration package and select benefits, which were relevant to their own personal circumstances. At the same time, we introduced salary sacrifice for the pension scheme, which improved the tax efficiency of the employees' pension contributions meaning their monthly disposable incomes were increased.

The launch of Personify and salary sacrifice was supported by face-to-face presentations held by Jelf Employee Benefits. As well as receiving fantastic feedback from employer and employees, our innovative approach meant that the employer's National Insurance savings, achieved through the introduction of salary sacrifice, fully funded the implementation of Personify, the introduction of salary sacrifice and the member presentations that promoted the new benefits.