Financial Education - Under 30s case study


The company engaged with Jelf to provide a financial education workshop to their employees. The pilot course was attended by employees aged between 19 and 29 and was specifically created to cover issues that are of concern to under 30s.

The challenge

The majority (71%) of this company’s employees had not received financial education at school, and a further 21% said that they received some, but it was limited. Prior to the workshop, we surveyed the company’s employees and found that the most requested topics were:

  • Everyday budgeting
  • Mortgages

We also asked what their reasons for attending were and what they hoped to gain:

  • To gain more general financial intelligence
  • Ensuring finances are in good order for buying their first property
  • Preparing to save for a deposit
  • Learning about credit scores
  • Getting out of debt before applying for a mortgage

The results

77% of attendees said they felt more positive about their employer as a result of knowing that they care about their welfare outside of work.

93% felt the course was at the right level and set the right tone for under 30s.

Many attendees appreciated being able to discuss the issues with a group of people similar to them. Due to the positive feedback from the attendees and further requests from other employees aged under 30, the course was run several more times.

Further support

To ensure that the company supported their employees across all aged demographics, we also provided them with a range of other financial education workshops covering subjects such as:

  • Savings and Protection
  • How to maximise your company benefits
  • The importance of writing a will