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Your ability to protect your people is crucial to long-term success

Of the 1700  + UK SMEs who took part in our UK Business Risk Report, 49% pointed to employee mental health and wellbeing as their biggest risk– up from 30% in 2021! Let us help you look after your staff.

Learn some simple health, wealth, and happiness strategies from the experts

Get advice on how to adopt mental health and wellbeing provisions in your workplace, support your employee’s financial wellbeing, and attract and retain staff without having to increase pay.

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Unique insight into the value employees place on employer-provided benefits and demonstrates the power of a care-first approach.

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Learn how to reduce your costs, defend common claims and prevent enforcements.

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A 10-year strategy that reflects HSE’s role at its broadest. A role that goes beyond worker protection, to include public safety assurance on a range of issues.

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Introducing: Mercer

Provide benefits your employees really want – with help from our sister company, Mercer.

  • Employee healthcare insurance
  • Workplace pensions
  • Financial education
  • Benefits management

Power of Marsh

Get equipped to support your employees mental health – tap into the power of Marsh

  • Mental health training courses
  • Employee surveys
  • Documentation
  • Specialist support

Bet you didn't know...

That we can provide access to mental health training, employee healthcare insurance, workplace pensions and much more! Simply let us know how you’re looking to better support your employees.

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