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Parametric flood insurance

Why do you need parametric flood insurance?

It’s an unfortunate statistic that 40% of businesses don’t reopen after suffering a catastrophic loss from flooding.1 Finalising insurance claims can prove a slow process, sometimes taking months before claims are resolved following a disaster.

In some cases, businesses can also find it extremely difficult to obtain flood insurance due to previous claims or being in high-risk areas undesirable to insurers. Those businesses that can find cover often end up paying higher premiums or excesses.

FloodFlash can provide reassurance that, not only are you more likely to obtain cover at a reasonable cost, but your claim will be paid fast – often within 48 hours of the flood. Enabling you to recover quickly and get back to what’s important - running your business.

  • Fast
    FloodFlash pays out the full value of the settlement within days of confirming a flood, enabling you to recover quickly.
  • Easy
    FloodFlash claims are easy to administer. Floodflash will just confirm the flood and pay out the agreed amount.
  • Flexible
    Control your trigger depths and pay-out values, or even make your premium cheaper by raising stock or installing flood defences.

How our insurance experts can help

Whether you struggle to get cover, have a large excess or just want a top-up to your existing policy, we can help you to protect your business or commercial property.

1. https://rainbow-int-franchise.co.uk/flooding-statistics-uk/

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