Keep your employees safe in winter weather

Another cold snap of winter 2018 is sweeping across the country, so it feels like a fitting time to remind both you and your employees of a few safety tips to help you keep your vehicles (and therefore you and your employees) safe during the winter season. 


Without grip on the road, driving gets very difficult indeed, so at the very least, it’s vital to ensure that your tyres are in good condition and are adequately pressurised. 


Your battery takes a battering during the cold winter months, so it’s worth checking that it’s in a good condition – most garages will be able to check this for you, and could help you avoid breaking down. Make sure you’ve got some jump leads in the vehicle too!


Your oil can thicken in the cold weather, so it’s more important than ever to make sure it’s regularly topped up in the winter.


Anti-freeze will keep your radiator going – vital when it’s cold, so make sure your vehicle doesn’t run out!

Snow and ice 

Take it slow – with stopping distances 10 times longer, gentle manoeuvres are the key to safe driving in ice and snow. Pull away in second gear, easing your foot off the clutch to avoid your wheels spinning.

Prepare for the worst

Driving in bad weather is no picnic, and if worst comes to worst, you need to ensure you’re prepared. Blankets, extra clothes and a torch should be in the vehicle as a matter of course, while a power bank for your mobile phone, a drink and some food are all super sensible.

We hope these tips help you and your employees get prepared for the winter ahead – drive safe.

Source: Driving monitor