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What insurance does a carer need?

Carers face a number of risks whilst performing their duties, from personal injury and abuse claims to accidental loss or other liability issues. Having the right care provider insurance in place is vitally important for peace of mind while you provide care in our communities.

The level of cover you require depends on many factors and we assess the requirements of your business before making any recommendations. For example, we get to know the types of people you are caring for or what requirements your local authority requires you to meet.

Self-employed Carers Insurance Policy

Our standard individual carers' insurance policy includes cover for Public Liability and Personal Accident, specifically:

  • £5 million public liability insurance (£10 million limit optional).
  • Alleged abuse.
  • Temporary visits abroad whilst working.
  • Personal accident up to age 80.
  • Administering prescribed and non-prescribed medicines.

What you need to do

  • Take reasonable care to make sure all information provided by you or on your behalf is honest and accurate.
  • Tell your insurance broker if your information is wrong or your circumstances change.
  • Pay the premium when required.
  • Tell your insurance broker about any incidents connected to this insurance as soon as possible whether or not related to a claim.
  • Do all you can to reduce any costs, damage, injury or loss.
  • Check your policy documentation when you receive it to make sure you have the cover you need and expect.

Car insurance for carers

If you use a company-owned vehicle to carry out your duties whilst at work, your employer will arrange your insurance policy for you. However if you are self-employed or using your own car for home visits, transporting services users or any other commercial use – you need to obtain the right cover for business use. We can help you find the right cover. We can even cover large fleets, customised-vehicles and mini-vans. 

When to consider employers liability cover

You require employer’s liability cover if your care business starts employing staff. You are at risk of legal action from any person to whom you are responsible – a person does not have to be paid or under contract to you. It includes any person to whom you have a legal duty of care. This means that sometimes even sole traders will need employer’s liability insurance.

It’s quick and easy to buy individual carer insurance online.

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