Top tips to encourage employee engagement and raise productivity

Research shows that happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy peers and companies with happy employees out-perform the competition by 20%.

So what can you do to make a happy workplace?

Set clear goals - It may sound obvious, but employees want leaders to set clear goals and expectations, 42% of millennials state that they see this as one of the top attributes of a perfect boss. An employee with clearly defined set of responsibilities is able to track and monitor their own progress and establish if they are achieving their goals.

Communication is key – when things are busy, it is often all too easy to overlook just talking to your staff. But it is important to communicate and show an interest in what they are doing. Employees who feel valued are 60% more likely to report they are motivated to do their very best for their employer.

Transparency – Up to 25% of employees don’t trust their employer, and up to half don’t think their employers are being upfront and honest with them , however transparency is key in building a culture of trust. Employees who are kept informed and understand how their role impacts the overall goals and strategy of the company are far more likely to trust their employer. In the 2013 Harvard business review 70% of respondents said they felt more engaged when senior leadership provided continuous updates and shared company strategy with them.

Reward & recognise employee’s contribution – It is a common myth that people are only motivated by money, yet this simply isn’t true. Employees are often motivated by simply gestures – cards, vouchers or a simple thank you can go a long way in raising employee motivation.

Keep employees busy – Don’t let boredom take hold. Make sure employees are kept busy, and they can see how this work impacts the greater business. But be careful not to overload your employees. The 2016 labour force survey cites workload pressures as one of the major causes of workplace stress.

Keep healthy – By creating a positive, safe and healthy environment for employees, you can increase morale, improve your employees’ work-life balance and, in turn, positively impact your business. Maybe try offering free fruit – employees who eat healthily are 25% more likely to have better job performance . Try providing employees a healthcare allowance in their benefits or membership discounts at a local gym.
By implementing a few small changes, businesses really can help to raise employee motivation and engagement, happy employees take 10x fewer sick days and can really make an impact on the success of a company.

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