Tips for the successful management of an employee benefits relaunch

In the world of employee benefits employers are rightly encouraged to regularly review, renew, and refresh their benefits package. This is to ensure that the offering remains attractive and relevant to all employees. But how can this be delivered in the most positive way, whilst also avoiding some of the very real pitfalls of badly managed workplace change we highlighted earlier this year?

Making your employee benefits refresh successful

The nature of each exercise will vary, but some useful pointers towards the successful delivery of an employee benefits refresh are listed below for information:

  • Impact Assessment: Improving the benefits offering for an entire business may seem like an easy win at board level. But it often overlooks some of the operational challenges for those on the ground. So employers should look to isolate, minimise, and ideally resolve any such challenges at an early stage. And before the entirety of the workforce are exposed to such issues. A detailed impact assessment is the first stage in this process.
  • Training Line Managers: As the closest direct link to most employees, line managers should be heavily involved in the impact assessment and indeed the championing, communication, and implementation of the new offering. Training for line managers so they understand the benefits on offer - and can positively communicate the changes - is strongly recommended.
  • Timing: So often overlooked – but so important. The timing of a new employee benefits launch is critical. Seek to avoid times when high numbers of employees are absent, on leave and/or when business pressures will mean the workforce is unlikely to positively engage with the process. Also beware clashes with other areas of business change. The cumulative impact of several different changes at the same time is likely to result in additional business disruption and less engaged workers. So carefully consider when will be the best time to announce the changes to achieve the maximum positive impact of your employee benefits refresh.
  • Delivery: Ensure that your employee benefits platform and communications work well and will support your key messages and the smooth running of the improved benefits package. Test the systems to destruction before going live, as nothing damages engagement more than new systems that fail to deliver at outset.
  • Revisit, retell, and repeat: Even the best employee benefits offering may fall into disrepair if the workforce forgets what’s available and how it’s used. So ensure the process of change includes regular updates and notifications to keep everyone engaged.

These simple steps should ensure your employee benefits refresh lands well, and benefits both employee and employer alike. For more information on our services in this area please speak to your local expert.

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