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Female receiving Reiki therapy

The rise of Reiki therapy and the insurance you need

A form of alternative medicine, Reiki originated in Japan. Often referred to as Reiki healing or energy healing, it aims to channel external universal energy into the body and promote emotional or physical wellbeing.

With its wide range of health benefits, it is no surprise that Reiki is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK.

Several clinical studies have proven the positive effects of Reiki,1 and you can now find it on the NHS in several hospitals,2 where it is referred to as a complementary therapy.

With average salaries upward of £30,000 here in the UK,3 becoming an independent Reiki practitioner is a popular career choice. To be a recognised Reiki practitioner, you must complete Reiki I and II, followed by Advanced Reiki training. There is a wealth of advice and support from several Reiki professional bodies who can advise on how to access the training - the UK Reiki Federation is a good place to start.4

If you are thinking of establishing yourself as a Reiki practitioner, there are various policies to have in place to ensure your operation is legal and that you and your business are protected against any risks.

Here is an overview of what you will need to consider when thinking of insurance for Reiki healing.

Public liability insurance

If you are inviting members of the public into your premises, by law, you need this insurance cover. This will include customers, of course, but also suppliers, tradespeople and delivery teams. If any of these people get injured at your premises, they can claim compensation, so this insurance policy will protect you and help cover any resulting costs.

Products liability insurance

Reiki often involves products such as essential oils that can help the customer focus on the area of recovery or relaxation they are seeking. These aromatic oils are burned in a diffuser and seek to heighten the experience. While allergies are rare, there is still risk involved in using these products. One of your clients could react to one of the oils. Similarly, one of their possessions could get damaged by a product you use. This policy covers you against any claim and protects you if your business or belongings are damaged. 

Professional indemnity insurance

This cover relates to your professional treatment as opposed to products you might use. If someone feels you (or your staff, if you have any) have given bad treatment or flawed advice, your professional indemnity insurance covers any financial loss resulting from a claim. This is slightly different to accidental damage, so it does require a separate policy.

Employers liability insurance

If you are successful enough to hire a team of people - congratulations! This naturally brings more HR and legal considerations, and one of these is employers liability insurance - a legal requirement if you employ other people. It protects you and your business if one of your staff gets ill or is injured at work.

Going into other people’s homes, renting or owning premises, working with members of the public, having a team of people, and using oils in treatments all leave you open to different types of risk. Depending on the specifics of the treatments you provide, you will need to make sure you have the right cover.

If you are looking to start a business as a Reiki practitioner, it’s essential to fully research these risks and policies and protect yourself against them.

This is where a broker can help. Speak to a member of our expert team about your business by calling 0330 1289 437 or sending an email. We work with many practitioners in this space and would be delighted to advise you on how to best protect you and your business.

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