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Healthcare recruitment crisis. Where can you improve?

Recruiting and retaining staff has become a significant struggle for the healthcare sector. Shortages can be put down to a number of factors, including poor workforce planning; cuts in funding for training places; restrictive immigration policies exacerbated by Brexit and worryingly high numbers of healthcare professionals leaving their jobs early.

If substantial staff shortages continue, they could lead to growing waiting lists, deteriorating care quality and the risk that some of the £20.5bn secured for NHS front-line services will go unspent, placing even more pressure on independent healthcare businesses. 

Our 'The Recruitment Crisis in Healthcare' whitepaper aims to provide an overview of the contributing factors surrounding the care shortage and general recruitment crisis in the healthcare sector. It explores:

  1. The recruitment crisis - from the impact of Brexit to staff retention and an ageing workforce. 
  2. What's being done? - how to maximise staff retention.
  3. Employee benefits - employee assistance programmes unpaid leave and financial support or education. 
  4. Predictions for the future - what about adult and social care?

By exploring the current state of play, this paper should enable your business to identify key areas for improvement and begin to prepare for the future.

Download today and start your improvements.