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Health information demonstrated on smartphone and watch

What do new technologies really mean for your care business?

The healthcare industry has seen some dramatic changes over the last few years, from manual to computerised records, developed population health tools and enhanced security. This rate of change isn’t looking to slow anytime soon.

While it’s hard to predict the future, there’s no doubt that now is an exciting time for the healthcare sector. New technology has great potential for improving patient care. It could also have a huge impact on cutting costs.

But the introduction of new technologies in healthcare has not come without its setbacks. From breaches in data confidentiality, to questions of ethics, investing in new technologies can bring new and sometimes unprecedented risks. Risks which may even, arguably, outweigh the benefits.

So, what do these new technologies really mean for your care business? Our white paper explores this very important topic, looking at:

  1. New technologies in the healthcare industry - from telemedicine to wearable devices and alarm systems.
  2. What's next for healthcare technology? - 5 predicted changes that could impact your care business. 
  3. Analysing the risks - the most common cyber threats for care service providers.
  4. Risk planning - how to tackle the risks posed by new healthcare technology.
  5. Insurance market - why your standard insurance policies  may not protect against a cyber attack.
  6. Cyber insurance - what to look for in comprehensive cyber insurance for care cover.