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Man following advice in Cyber Security Handbook

How to prepare for a cyber security breach

There is no doubt that technology has advanced in recent years. Across many industries, technology such as artificial intelligence, ‘internet of things’ and robotics are digitising the way we work. The pros of these technologies are unquestionable, improving business productivity and efficiency across multiple professions. However, many businesses fail to consider how they may also broaden the cyber-attack surface, opening doors to new and wider-spread cyber threats.

Our Cyber Security handbook presents the risks posed by new technologies and industry advancements, giving you a greater understanding of how cyber-threats are evolving. We also consider how new regulations such as GDPR and copyright law may cause changes to the way your business operates, allowing you to create a full Cyber Resilience Strategy.

Download the handbook to gain access to the full range of content, which is covered through the following sections: 

  • Cyber trends and emerging risks
  • The costs of new technology
  • Industry specific trends
  • Regulations
  • Cyber Resilience Strategy
  • Simulating a Cyber-attack

 Download the cyber security handbook to discover how you can protect your business from cyber threats.