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Client using the Marsh COVID-19 dashboard

The Marsh COVID-19 dashboard

Being part of the Marsh McLennan family has its benefits, and the latest benefit available to you as a Marsh Commercial client, is the Marsh COVID-19 monitoring dashboard.

The path to recovery from COVID-19 continues to be long and uncertain and keeping track of the very latest global situation has never been more important. The speed at which vaccinations are rolled out will be different from country to country and the full benefits will take a while to be felt. As we continue to see hotspots of the virus worldwide, it's time for a better, more business-friendly way to monitor COVID-19.

Monitoring COVID-19 developments

Throughout the Pandemic it has been frustrating at times for businesses to keep track of what is going on and plan for what might happen next. The Marsh Advisory team noticed a lack of trusted sources of information providing a "one-stop-shop" tailored for businesses.

The result is a dashboard providing a fresh take on Pandemic monitoring that is simple, easy-to-use, and up-to-date.

Why use the Marsh dashboard?

  • Provides a single place to monitor global COVID-19 developments.
  • Delivers flexible and interactive analytics to easily compare and uncover trends.
  • Incorporates data from multiple sources and geographies.
  • Updates daily.

The dashboard is a useful tool for business leaders and risk professionals as they navigate through the next phase of the Pandemic:

You can access the dashboard now here.