The changing workplace…

I've recently highlighted some interesting trends with regards to employee attitudes to their employers and workplaces, and in my conclusion to the piece I highlighted the need to offer genuine flexibility to workers to improve engagement and productivity. Coincidentally some new research from YouGov was published that very same day, and the findings of that poll also suggested that flexibility should be a key theme of the modern workplace.

The YouGov research showed:

  • That only 15% of workers want to work the traditional 8 hour day between 9am and 5pm
  • Two thirds of respondents (66%) would prefer an early start, with 8am to 4pm a clear preference from those polled
  • A further 15% would prefer a later start than 9am

There were of course some regional and demographic differences, yet the poll again demonstrates that the typical worker in 2017 is perhaps becoming less engaged with the workplace norms of the last century. There may be many reasons for this, with child care and elder care responsibilities, rush-hour transport issues, and (of course) lifestyle choices all no doubt playing a significant role in the times indicated as a preference. But the trend again seems to demonstrate that flexibility has an important part to play in the employee engagement and productivity process.

If we follow this thought process to its logical conclusion, it also seems likely that employees will welcome a more dynamic Employee Benefits offering. Forward-thinking employers should therefore be seeking to balance the benefits, support, and communications on offer so that it reaches and engages every single employee on a regular basis. As ever, more info on this topic is available via your usual Jelf Consultant in the first instance.