The importance of supporting employees with retirement planning

You’d be forgiven for thinking that as your employees grow older they might make time for retirement planning – a well thought out financial plan, plus ideas for travel, increased family time and hobbies that will fill the time nicely.

But all too often this is not the case. People who have given a company some of the best years of their lives, are now about to embark on a period of life they have never experienced before – Retirement.

A survey conducted earlier this year by LaterLife (the retirement specialist arm of Jelf) with 1,000 employees over the age of 55, shows that retirement isn’t being thought about early enough. The reason for this surprising result varies; from financial and health concerns, not having enough time or information to consider retirement, or just not feeling comfortable talking about it with their employers. All of this means people have no real plan in place.

You can read all about the results of our survey in the accompanying infographic. To find out more about planning retirement and later life plans, please contact us on laterlife@jelfgroup.com, speak to your Jelf consultant or visit us on Stand 20 at Pensions and Benefits UK.

importance of supporting employees with retirement planning infographic


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