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Cameraman records a video for film and tv production

Marsh Commercial plays leading role in successful Film and TV Production Restart Scheme

Marsh Commercial is playing a leading role in the successful Film and TV Production Restart Scheme, launched by the UK Government to help domestic TV and film productions that have been halted or postponed to get back up and running.

Working closely with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), Marsh Commercial is responsible for facilitating the application and onboarding procedure for production companies, as well as managing the end-to-end claims process. It has been front and centre in supporting 375 TV and film productions¹ (with a total budget of £1.2 billion¹) to get off the ground and, in turn, generating more than 24,000 highly skilled jobs across the UK².

Vital Support

The £500 million Government Scheme, launched in July 2020, was designed to kick-start the UK’s film and TV industry, which is worth £12 billion to the economy³. Recognised as being one of the largest internationally, the Scheme protects against losses stemming from COVID-related issues, giving production companies the support they need to get back up and running with confidence.

Prior to the launch, the need for social distancing on set and limits placed on crew numbers on site, were highly disruptive. Additionally, the lack of insurance available to cover COVID-19 related losses and incidents had seriously impacted production companies’ willingness to invest.

However, since the Film and TV Production Restart Scheme went live last year, the industry has been on the road to recovery and the Government made a decision to extend the Scheme for a third time, leaving it open for applications until December 2021. This six month extension, announced in the Budget, is expected to create a further 20,000 jobs and fuel several hundred million pounds of additional investment into the UK’s film and TV industry.

Speaking of their involvement, David Scutt, Senior Vice President at Marsh Commercial, said: “We are delighted that our skills and expertise are helping to jump start this much loved sector. By supporting this important Government Scheme, we are proud to play a role in empowering production companies to get back on their feet, while playing a vital role in aiding economic recovery during and following COVID-19.”

Just a small selection of the TV and film productions enabled by the scheme includes Avalon’s Sky 1 and FX co-production, Breeders, True To Nature’s Expedition With Steve Backshall for Dave, and feature films Boxing Day (BFI Films) and Mothering Sunday (Number 9 Films).


1. Figures as at 30 April 2021