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Marsh Commercial support Grabex Windows charity fundraiser

Marsh Commercial Shrewsbury proud to support Grabex Windows' charity fundraiser 'Let's Race for Children'

Many businesses and sectors have felt the impact of COVID-19, not least of all charities, with many now struggling financially.

That’s why our client, Grabex Windows, is raising awareness and funds for their local charity – Delemza with their fundraiser ‘Let’s Race for Children’.

Demelza Hospice Care for Children provides tailored care to some of the most vulnerable children and young adults with terminal conditions and their families, by offering end of life service, urgent clinical care, facilities, nurses, therapists and dedicated volunteers to give them the time and space to feel like families again.

The fundraising campaign will see the Grabex Windows team enter a series of 24-hour endurance kart race challenges starting in August at Teesside, then Rye House, famous Le Mans and Campillios. They are also planning to organise other activities in between the races to give the campaign a necessary boost.

Ben Harrison, Vice President for the Shrewsbury branch said “we’ve seen first hand the impact that the current pandemic is having on local businesses and our community, that’s why we’re so proud to support the Grabex Windows team in raising funds and awareness of the amazing work that this local charity does.”

Visit the website and support this great cause.