SBJ Professional are now part of Bluefin

The 6th January 2009 saw the launch of Bluefin, a leading financial services brand. Bluefin combines established businesses Venture Preference, incorporating Stuart Alexander, Smart & Cook, Layton Blackham, The Davis Group and SBJ UK, with the advisory businesses of Thinc, PIFC, EB Consultants, Orbit Benefits Limited and SBJ Benefit Consultants.

The new brand creates a major financial services provider offering clients expertise in insurance broking, financial advice, wealth management and corporate consultancy, all under one banner.

The Bluefin brand was announced in September 2008, with the intention to start marketing under the new name in January 2009. Following a successful initial integration period of the businesses - all recognised as major players in their fields - the group now begins operations under its new identity.

Stuart Reid, chief executive of Bluefin Insurance Group Limited and the former chief executive of Venture Preference Ltd, said: ‘Our decision to face the market under a single, unified brand rather than as a collection of separately branded companies reflects our growth ambitions for Bluefin.’

Bluefin’s launch means we can offer our clients separate but complementary services to the insurance brokerage side. It represents the next step in our strategy to build a powerful insurance broking and advisorybusiness.’

Under the new brand, the company retains its local presence with almost 100 offices in the UK, acting as a powerful partner to private clients, small to medium sized businesses and large corporates. The insurance broking and advisory businesses will still operate in their areas of specialism to maintain a high level of independent expertise.

As we build the Bluefin brand over the next few months, we will adopt a localised face-to-face approach with our clients to bring them along with us on our journey,’ said Reid.

‘We will continue to focus on building relationships based around clients’ needs. Although our brand is changing, our key qualities - the expertise and people within the business - will remain consistent.’

Bluefin also benefits from the backing of AXA, one of the largest financial services companies in the world.

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