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Start-up recruitment agency guide to the right insurance

The recruitment industry offers a great deal of opportunity, especially for new start-ups who may be fresh from the successes of their previous role in the recruitment world, and want to make a mark for themselves.

But what about the issue of insurance? What kind of insurance is required for recruitment agencies, which types are required by law and which ones are just recommended?

Peter Stoll, Director at Marsh Commercial, and head of the recruitment insurance division, gives the full low down and covers the burning questions such as:

  1. What specific insurance cover do I need from day one for my contractors?
  2. Does it make a difference if I supply permanent or temporary staff?
  3. What indemnity limits do I need?
  4. Will certain trade sectors require specific types of insurance?
  5. Plus many more!

So why not take a look at our handy video, and learn everything you never realised you needed to know about insurance for your new recruitment business!

Peter Stoll
A director of the Marsh Commercial Manchester branch, Peter Stoll ACII, also heads up the recruitment division. With 35 years’ experience of delivering bespoke insurance solutions for recruiters, Peter has developed a wealth of knowledge of the sectors’ insurance demands and needs.