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Marsh Commercial partners with the National Tyre Distribution Association

The success of a tyre business is usually a result of hard work, personal sacrifice, and commitment.

And with a number of people; employees, suppliers and customer’s dependent on its success, it makes sense to do all you can to protect it.

The insurance market for the tyre industry is diminishing quickly with only a small number of motor trader insurers willing to write insurance policies. When premiums rise, price becomes the main focus and key balance sheet exposures may be missed as brokers fight to retain and win business.

Marsh Commercial has significant experience in arranging insurance for the tyre industry and in partnership with the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) has now designed insurance programmes specifically for the sector.

Founded in 1930, the NTDA is a strongly proactive trade association representing and promoting the interests of the tyre wholesale, distribution and retail sectors of the automotive aftercare market.

Every business sector needs strong professional representation and the NTDA fulfils this responsibility in a complex, highly competitive and ever-changing operating environment.

“Marsh Commercial have partnered with the NTDA due to its high level of professionalism and risk management discipline. Stefan, his team and many members have worked tirelessly to make tyre fitting safer through the REACT training initiative so it is important that this is recognised by the insurance market. Marsh Commercial have the knowledge, expertise and passion to make this happen” - Ben Harrison, Vice President, Marsh Commercial.

“For a number of years, the NTDA has had a tremendous amount of support from Marsh Commercial, which is a truly active member of the Association. From risk management advice to presentations at regional meetings and the Tyre Industry Conference, members have experienced, first hand, the tangible benefits Marsh Commercial offers and we are, therefore, delighted to be further developing this relationship with this partnership.” - Stefan Hay, Chief Executive, NTDA.

Visit our NTDA page to find out more.