Keeping your employees safe on the road

Businesses can put a lot of thought into the health and safety of employees. But if recent research is anything to go by, these businesses, including yours may have overlooked one of their most dangerous activities – driving.

Around 20 people are killed and 220 seriously injured every week in the UK, because of a crash involving someone who is driving, riding or using the road for work.1 In fact, drivers at work make up more than a quarter of all road traffic accidents.2

The simple fact is, under health and safety law,3 you have a duty of care to ensure your employees are protected when they're driving. And that goes for staff who drive their own vehicles, as well as those who drive company owned, leased or hired vehicles.

Are you doing enough?
It’s possible you could do more when it comes to protecting your drivers. And you won't be alone. More than a fifth4  of UK companies whose employees drive for work purposes, have no road safety policy in place, and 15%5  say their organisations check documentation when a new employee joins, but have no system in place for regular follow ups.

Get it right
When it comes to driving for your business, it's important that you have policies and procedures in place that can safeguard your employees and protect your business from risk. That means ensuring both your drivers and their vehicles are roadworthy – and that you have good systems in place to ensure all driving records, tax and insurance is up to date and properly recorded.

To find out more about your health and safety responsibilities, take a look at this useful infographic, which includes 6 simple steps to driver safety, or contact your usual Jelf consultant.

keeping your employees safe on the road

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