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Insurance considerations for recruiters looking to merge, acquire or exit a business

The lifespan of a recruitment business can vary depending on its given success. But for those that go on to create a thriving company, there can be many fruits to those labours at the later stages.

For recruitment agency owners that may either be looking to exit their business and cash in, or potentially go down the route of growth through mergers and acquisitions it can be a big leap to take.

Buying a business may be a great way to grow the company, but it can be potentially damaging where there are unknown liabilities, ones which may not be discovered until after the acquisition.

Likewise directors also need to consider the impact sale contracts may have upon their own liability when finally exiting the business.

Peter Stoll, director at Marsh Commercial, looks at these key concerns recruiters need to be aware of around changing risk levels, and how this can affect your insurance during this time of change.

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