The hazards of harvest

As the pace picks up to progress harvest following heavy rainfall we urged farmers to put safety first!

Gary Christie, Agricultural Account Director said: “After prolonged wet weather the Scottish harvest is under increasing pressure, with poor conditions hampering farmers – and time is running out. Unfortunately, as farms pick up the pace it is inevitable that risk increases.

“A combination of more workers – some of them temporary and potentially less familiar with safe working practices - onsite, increased working hours and the use of heavy machinery create a greater chance of accidents to personnel.

“To avoid injuries or worse it is vital that farmers prioritise prevention. We offer a dedicated risk management service to help our farming clients be prepared for the challenges they may face. After conducting an initial audit, our risk management team will deliver their recommendations which can range from providing access to online health and safety templates or a telephone helpline, to spending time at farms and carrying out a full, bespoke health and safety assessment.

Farming is the most dangerous occupation in Britain with 32 deaths occurring last year. The industry has a fatal injury rate that is about 18 times higher than the average across all other industries.

“Operating a safe working environment can help farming businesses to thrive; and could just save a life.”

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