Half of small projects fail HSE inspections

During 2016, HSE carried out a series of inspections at small refurbishment sites. The intention? To encourage construction firms to adopt and enforce robust health and safety standards. Inspectors visited 1,840 sites and found that 49 percent of inspected businesses did not meet health and safety standards. An increase of 3 percent from 2015. As well as this, the HSE also issued 8 percent more enforcement notices that in 2015. As a result, it is likely HSE will continue to increase the enforcement of health and safety standards.

What are the consequences?

If your business has breached health and safety law, the HSE has the right to charge your business with a Fee for Intervention (FFI). According to industry research, the average FFI invoice issued for 2015 was £604. This may seem like a small amount that any business should be capable of paying. However, the ‘knock-on-effect’ can have real financial implications. Unforeseen costs could include, recovering your businesses’ reputation, interruption to current business, and potentially increased insurance premiums.

What can you do?

Through the investigations, it was found that the two most common aspects of work that violated health and safety standards were working at height and exposure to asbestos and silica dust. When you or your workers are exposed to high-risk activities such as these, it is vital that risk assessments are carried out. According to the latest HSE statistics regarding injuries in the workplace, 72,702 injuries to employees were reported for 2015-2016. Have a look at our infographic, it explores common workplace injuries and how to avoid them.

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HSE – What is FFI?