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Woman working from home during COVID-19 outbreak

Working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak

Following specific measures issued by the government, businesses are now encouraging their employees to work from home where possible1. This particular piece of advice is becoming increasingly vital for employers to follow, as the COVID-19 outbreak increases across the UK. 

Amidst the escalation of events related to COVID-19, it is essential that businesses are agile and implement an effective work-from-home policy sooner rather than later. 

Whilst 68% of UK businesses reported that they have a flexible workspace policy, many colleagues will be working from home for the first time in the coming weeks2.

Therefore, it is important that guidance issued is both comprehensive and reassuring. 

We advise that businesses put their employee’s safety first in these challenging times, and recommend that staff work from home where possible in order to achieve this. Our employee work from home guide covers everything from the basics to the finer details around working from home, allowing employees to optimise their productivity whilst getting used to this new dynamic. Get started today by downloading our guide.