Chauffeur insurance buying guide

What to think about when working out your chauffeur insurance requirements – and how to select and buy the right cover for you.

What is chauffeur insurance?

Chauffeur insurance is a specialist insurance designed to cover professional drivers who carry passengers in high-end luxury vehicles.

It is different from standard car insurance, since it is specifically designed for chauffeurs, whose vehicles tend to be high value executive vehicles used for pre-booked events and corporate contracts. Chauffeur insurance can offer protection for you, the driver, your vehicle, and your passengers.

Why do I need chauffeur insurance?

Whether you are a chauffeur to executives, tourists or VIPs, your ability to transport customers reliably to their destination in comfort and style is everything. So, if your vehicle is off the road after an incident like an accident or theft, you won’t be able to work, which would put your livelihood, your reputation and your client relationships at risk.

Similarly, if something were to go wrong while you have passengers in the car, leading to a customer or a third party suffering injury or property damage, you could find yourself facing a compensation claim, and the legal fees that might follow.

Chauffeur insurance is designed to defend against these risks; helping to get you back on the road quickly after an incident affecting your vehicle or helping to pay legal fees and compensation in the event a customer makes a claim against you.

Taking out the right cover is about defending your business against the risks that could leave you unable to work or facing unforeseen expenses.

What insurance do I need to be a chauffeur?

Clearly, it is illegal to drive any vehicle on the road without motor insurance. However, remember that your executive car is essentially a commercial vehicle, so standard motor insurance is unlikely to provide the cover you need.

What’s more, your car is likely to be a high-end, expensive vehicle, which would typically attract a high premium if insured on a standard motor policy. Chauffeur insurance, on the other hand, might also take into account the fact that, as a professional chauffeur, you are likely to be a careful driver, which can help to offset the risk associated with higher value vehicles.

With these considerations, a specific chauffeur insurance policy could be vital in protecting your vehicle, and your business.

Meanwhile, there are other risks that go hand-in-hand with working as a chauffeur, so it is worth considering additional covers too. These include:

  • Public liability: This cover is designed to help cover legal fees and compensation if a client or member of the public suffers injury or property damage as a result of your work, and makes a claim against you.
  • Breakdown cover: Insurance designed to help get you back on the road or minimise disruption to your guests’ travel should you suffer a vehicle breakdown.
  • Multiple vehicle cover: If you operate between two and five vehicles, it may be more time and cost efficient to cover them all under one policy with a single renewal date.

How do I work out my chauffeur insurance requirements?

As with any insurance, it is vitally important not just to select the right policy, but also the right level of cover – because under-insurance could leave you facing unforeseen expenses should you need to make a claim.

The first step is to think about the things that could go wrong and what the financial consequences might be in each case. That might include, but not be limited to, the value of your vehicle, or the cost of replacing it, and the type of chauffeuring work you do.

The job then is to select the chauffeur insurance that best suits your needs – protecting against the major risks you face – and which would pay out enough in the event of a claim to ensure you are not left out of pocket.

What is the cost of chauffeur insurance?

Again, in keeping with most insurance policies, the cost of chauffeur insurance cover will be determined by a number of factors. They might include:

  • The type and level of cover you take out – generally speaking, the more cover you take out, the more it will cost.
  • The kind of work you carry out, and where – work deemed higher risk by insurers will cost more to cover.
  • Your driving qualifications, age and claims history – higher risk drivers will typically attract higher premiums.

Get help to find the right chauffeur insurance

If you are in any doubt about the type and level of insurance you need, we are here to help.

Our expert team is always ready to work with you to understand exactly the risks you face and the protection you need, before finding the insurance solutions that meet your specific business needs.

So, why not take a look at our specialist chauffeur insurance or get in touch to discuss your chauffeur insurance requirements and get a no-obligation quote?