Celebrating our diversity at Jelf and MMC

Tonight marks the 50th anniversary of the uprising of the LGBT+ community in New York after clashes with police at the now famous Stonewall Inn. On this day, in the evening of 28 June 1969, during yet another raid to marginalise the gay community, they fought back against injustice.

It was an event that would transform equality and rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other sexual minorities (LGBT+) across the world. It led to the first ever gay PRIDE marches, and the later naming of June as Worldwide PRIDE month. 

PRIDE at Jelf

For Jelf, and the wider MMC, our aim is to: 'create an inclusive workplace, where being your true self is not a barrier to fulfilling career or personal aims’.

Being a ‘visible ally’ for LGBT+ rights, alongside all equality and diversity issues, ensures all our stakeholders – whether they’re potential colleagues, insurers, clients or prospects – know that they work with a business that supports the amazing and varied diversity of the communities in which we work and live.

Much has happened since the Stonewall riots. We've seen great strides towards equality for all people within our communities. Today, cities across the world hold PRIDE carnivals and street parades to champion LGBT+ culture and the diversity it brings to our lives. It's something we as a business also celebrate and embrace.

Everyone here at Jelf is proud that sitting at the heart of our business is a binding care for our colleagues, our clients and our community.


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