Boosting productivity and engagement to drive growth

A business is only as good as the people it employs. If that's true, ensuring employees are happy and motivated when they're at work, should be every organisation's top priority. It makes sense. If your people love coming to work, they'll be more productive – by up to 12%1 according to recent research.

The drive for increased productivity in the UK is being met head-on by government. They've launched a national productivity investment fund worth £23bn2  to tackle the issue, and the key to that will be looking at how to boost employee engagement.

The evidence is clear

Over recent years, there have been plenty of studies to determine if there's a link between employee engagement and productivity – and the evidence is crystal clear. When workers are disengaged, it results in higher levels of absenteeism, lower productivity and then of course, lower profitability is a result.

Tackling the problem

There is some good news. Business leaders are switching on to the fact that if they invest in their employees' happiness and wellbeing, they're actually investing into the success of their business. And 75%3 of employers now rate productivity as a reason to offer employee benefits.

Making a change

So the challenge is to create a happy and engaged workforce. If you achieve that, your employees will be less stressed, more loyal and put in a better performance. And the knock-on effect of that will be increased productivity and growth. Here's how:

  • Create certainty – if your employees feel secure in their jobs and financially stable, they'll perform better
  • Boost your benefits strategy – add financial wellness to your physical and mental wellness programmes. Money worries can be very distracting and lower productivity 
  • Communicate – the benefits you offer will be more effective if you actively encourage your employees to use and appreciate them
  • Personalise – in these days of customer-centric service, the ability to deliver flexible, customisable benefits is crucial

To find out more about boosting productivity and growth through the creation of an engaged workforce, take a look at this useful infographic, or contact your usual Jelf consultant.


boost productivity and employee engagement to drive growth 


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