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Tractors carry out contract farming

Benefits of using an agricultural contractor

Many benefits come with investing in an agricultural contract on your farm. Scott Henry, Agricultural Contractor Account Executive from our Birmingham branch has put together his top three benefits of contract farming:

1. All year round assistance

Agricultural contractors can benefit your farm all year especially during the busier months. Providing your farm with reliable assistance when you need it most, from seasonal support to livestock management.

2. Specialist knowledge and expertise

According to the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) 91% of farmers use agricultural contractors (1). Farmers are already used to an environment of hard earned profits and where forward planning is essential. Therefore, it is unsurprising that they are increasingly looking to contractors for specialist knowledge, expertise and the latest kit. With an increasing demand for skilled labourers, machinery and technology to carry out vital tasks on farms, for many farmers investing in new equipment is not financially viable.

3. Supporting local employment

Agricultural contracting and contractors are an essential source of employment for many rural communities. With an increasing number of farmers looking to contractors for their expertise and specialist knowledge. They are also essential to the continued success of the farming industry.

Agricultural contractors have access to grant funding

NAAC have announced that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will offer new Farming Investment Fund grants to agricultural contractors in 2021. As part of the historic new Agriculture Act 2020, which will change the face of farming for the next generation, this is an important decision that will affect contractors now and in the future. The grants are to help farming businesses and contractors adapt to the principles of the Agriculture Bill. To receive funding there is key criteria as set out by the Environmental Land Management scheme. Stewardship grants will also become available.

Farmshield agricultural contractors insurance

We understand agricultural contractors' insurance requirements and have developed a scheme that recognises the ever growing professionalism of contracting businesses. Find out more about our agricultural contractors' insurance Farmshield product.

The NAAC have published their 2020/21 Contracting Price Guide, which provides the UK national average prices, to help provide a benchmark for contractors and farmers. Find out more about agricultural contracting charges.



(1) https://www.naac.co.uk/