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2024 RHA Conditions of Carriage Key changes and updates

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has rolled out its updated terms and conditions for 2024, ushering in significant changes that haulage service businesses need to be aware of. Here's a breakdown of the key modifications and what you must do to ensure compliance and smooth operations.

First and foremost, using RHA terms and conditions requires membership. Unauthorised utilisation not only breaches copyright but can also result in legal repercussions. Therefore, you must ensure your membership status and adhere to the stipulated terms.
Another critical aspect of adopting the updated terms is informing customers. You’ll need to communicate the changes in writing, providing either a copy of the revised terms or directing them to a designated web link for review. Just as you’d expect updates from banks regarding account terms, customers should be made aware of alterations to business agreements.

Furthermore, any alterations in contractual terms must be communicated to your insurer as they constitute a change in the contract, potentially impacting your cover and liabilities.
Let's explore the fundamental changes within the RHA 2024 terms:

Condition 4: Loading and unloading

Under this condition, there's a notable shift in responsibility towards the customer for loading and unloading goods onto the vehicle. The haulier is absolved of liability for any loss or damage during these processes, emphasising the importance of proper handling and equipment usage. Customers must ensure equipment suitability and operation by trained personnel and indemnify carriers against any consequences of failure, misuse, or unsuitability of such equipment.

Additionally, you must permit load inspections and provide risk assessments for loading equipment, with carriers granted the right to refuse entry to unsafe premises.

Condition 5: Obligations of the customer

To facilitate proper handling, you must furnish accurate shipment information, including weights and contents. Moreover, access to welfare facilities for drivers is mandated, ensuring humane working conditions.

Condition 6: Receipts

This condition no longer requires a "signed" document. Remember that the absence of a receipt does not entitle withholding of carrier charges, emphasising the importance of timely and accurate documentation.

Condition 14.1

Arguably, the most significant change pertains to the time limit for submitting claims for loss or damage. You must notify carriers within seven days of transit completion and provide supporting evidence of the loss/damage claimed within the same timeframe, streamlining the claims process and ensuring timely resolution.

In conclusion, the RHA 2024 terms introduce pivotal changes that necessitate proactive action from clients. Membership, customer communication, informing insurers, and adherence to revised obligations are paramount. By understanding and implementing these changes effectively, businesses can navigate the evolving landscape of haulage services while mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.

What you need to do:

  • Advise your customers of their contract conditions
  • Notify your insurer if you propose to adopt the latest edition of the RHA Conditions of Carriage (or any other contract terms not previously disclosed to your insurer).

If you’d like to speak to someone about how these changes may affect your insurance, our haulage and logistics team is here to help. 

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