10 important characteristics of a good manager

Being in a position of leadership, such as within management, requires acertain number of characteristics to be successful. There is no check list ofthings a manager needs, but there are a few qualities that seem to stand outamong the very best managers.


Being honest and  having goodmoral principles will make your team more likely to trust and warm to you. Itportrays you as a reliable and sincere person, qualities that will likelyencourage others to follow under your lead out of respect to you as a person.

Know when todelegate

If a person has worked their way up the ranks to a managerial position,it may be in their nature to take on certain tasks that they have been used topreviously doing. But, a good manager should recognise that this is not theirresponsibility anymore, and should be left in the trusting hands of their team.Delegating jobs allows your team to see that you trust them, and gives theopportunity for them to add their own twist on certain tasks. It gives them anopportunity to develop, and allows them to thrive in a team environment.Besides this, as a manager, there are many new responsibilities that one musttake on, and by delegating, this relieves some of the stress and doesn’t leaveyou biting off more than you can chew.

Constructive feedback

This is applicable in two ways. Firstly, a good manager is able to giveconstructive feedback to those they are managing, in order to help them developand improve in their job area. Giving encouraging feedback is also key, as itis good to let your team know that you are aware of their successes, as well astheir downfalls. But, similarly, a good manager is able to receive constructivefeedback well. Despite being in a higher position, this does not mean that amanager is flawless at their job, as each step is a chance for learning. To bethe best manager possible, one must continue to develop, and learn from theirmistakes as equally as anybody in the team.

Active listener

Employees want to feel valued, and have their opinions or complaintsacted on. It is therefore crucial for a good manager to be approachable, andwilling to listen to what their team wants/feels. If a team feels as thoughthey are making positive contributions in the work place, they are surely morelikely to perform to the best of their ability, working in an environment theyhelped construct. Equally, if an employee feels that their manager is willingto listen to them and help, it builds a stronger relationship between the two,acting as the basis of a great work force.


In any fields, a creative mind is likely to inspire and excite the teamthat they work with. Instead of tackling tasks in a monotonous way, a creativemanager will be able to show their team that original ideas are welcomed (andencouraged). Standing out and finding new ways to approach things will likelybring in success.


Being human, and treating your team like humans, will be a quality thatis much respected and appreciated in a work force. Acknowledgement that noemployee is perfect, but not punishing every downfall, means those employeeswill be more likely to admit to their mistakes and try to rectify them.Equally, it will allow them to feel more comfortable at work, and around you, feelingas though their issues and concerns are understood by management.

Getting theirhands dirty

Anybody can talk the talk, but true respect is earnt when a manager canwalk the walk. Nobody wants to feel like they are picking up the slack foranother member of staff in the team, and this is especially the case with amanager. When they see their manager putting in equal effort, it isencouraging, and would likely push them to step up their game equally. Also, bybeing involved with the work, a manager will be able to understand the processmore, and manage more effectively. Being a manager is not all book smarts, itis also about hands on experience.


In a stressful situation, it is a good managers responsibility to keepthe team calm and in check. They act as a level headed figure for the rest ofthe team to follow in suit. Also, by keeping a calm outlook, this wouldeliminate the issue of rash decisions being made that would negatively affectthe team as a whole. A patient and calm manager would be one that people feelthey could talk to in a time of crisis, and make for great mediators in theteam.

Reasonable andfair

Managing the team as a whole may prove difficult to some managers, asthey struggle to find a suitable balance between all employees. Being reasonableand unbiased is crucial for keeping a fair work place, and for keeping peacewithin. Employees will be more likely to approach you in times of decisionmaking, as they understand that you are very even-handed.

Coach theirstaff

Overall, a manager is there to manage and lead their team to the higheststandards. They need to be the influence that is able to guide their team inthe right direction, and offer council and help where appropriately needed.Linking back to giving feedback, encouraging employees to work on theirdownfalls will increase the overall performance standard of the whole team,which benefits the business as a whole.


Any views or opinions expressed in this briefing are for guidance onlyand are not intended as a substitute for appropriate professional guidance. Wehave taken all reasonable steps to ensure the information contained herein isaccurate at the time of writing but it should not be regarded as a complete orauthoritative statement of law.