Health & Safety Hub

Resilience and recovery tools to support you and your business through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many businesses are facing unprecedented challenges on multi-faceted levels – challenges to protect safety and health at work, while also battling to survive in lockdown.

In these extraordinary times, we are facing challenges and risks never seen before. Even with the best systems in place, considerations should be made that could affect employees, business operations and clients. 

We have collaborated with leading risk management specialists to provide an expanded range of services to help mitigate this risk.

To support businesses, we have created a number of tools which you can download below to support both you and your employees in returning to work safely and in the resilience and recovery from COVID-19.  

If you need further support, we offer a menu of health & safety and employment law services which have been designed to help you effectively manage your employees return to work and adapt your documents to align with Government guidance. 


Returning to work COVID-19 employers toolkit

The toolkit is designed to help your business understand how to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what steps you need to consider and undertake prior to restarting your business.

Returning to work COVID-19 office risk assessment

A template office risk assessment you can complete - this document will guide you through the steps and considerations you need to take to prepare your business in returning to work.

COVID-19 social distancing guidance

A helpful document covering sector specific guidance on social distancing measures and how to control this in the workplace.

COVID-19 risk assessment – control measures checklist

A handy generic risk assessment template you can use as a checklist to ensure your business is ready for employees to return to work.

COVID-19 employers guide for employees returning to work

A guide providing practical information, checklists and advice to navigate you through some of the most common risk factors and measures you can take to mitigate the risk from exposure to COVID-19.

Employment law and mental health myth busters

A handy guide produced by our employment law team to tackle the myths surrounding an employer’s duty to support the mental health of their employees in the workplace. 

Stress and well-being policy template

A stress and well-being policy intended as a template to be adapted to reflect the needs, requirements and resources of each individual business.

Wellness action plan template

A wellness action plan template intended to be used to encourage discussion between an employer and employee around mental health and wellbeing at work.