second home insurance

Do you have appropriate second home insurance?

Whether your second home is a crash pad in the city or a holiday home overseas you’ll want to be confident that if something does go wrong you are covered. 

We can provide second home insurance for second homes and holiday homes in the UK and overseas for clients with a UK presence. 

  • Not just bricks and mortar
    We can arrange holiday home insurance that includes swimming pools, terraces, tennis courts, domestic employees and theft (even when the property is unoccupied).   
  • Around the world
    Overseas property insurance can be arranged for your homes so they are covered wherever they are located. *Please refer to our EEA and Swiss Business update.
  • Emergency travel
    Policies can include the cost of travel to your home in the event of an emergency.

How our prestige insurance experts can help

If your second home is abroad and you aren’t fluent in the language, approaching a local insurer of the country where the home is situated could be problematic due to language barriers. It can also make things more difficult should you ever need to make a claim.

As we are part of Marsh, a global network of experts in risk, strategy and people, however specialist your need or big your ambition we’ll be able to support you. We will work with you to understand your home and lifestyle and arrange holiday home insurance that will help you protect it.

What can second home insurance include?

  • Contents 
    Contents of the second home 
  • Multiple homes
    We can include all your properties under one insurance policy

Personal dedicated service

Each of our clients and their families have their own dedicated Account Executive looking after them. As our clients' needs change and develop, so do their policies.

We work with a variety of insurers, risk management and security consultants to identify the best ways to improve the protection afforded to our clients' most valuable assets. This means we can provide an impartial solution that works.

Renovation insurance

Planning an extension or home renovation?

Don't forget to tell your insurers before any work commences or they could decline any claims that may arise. Your home insurance policy will detail the limits of acceptable works that they can cover within your existing policy. In many cases, the best approach may be to arrange a relevant renovation insurance package to cover your home and the building works for the duration of the project.

Prestige car insurance

When purchasing a performance car, considering the engine size, model and interior are some of the first priorities. But, one of the biggest challenges can be finding suitable insurance. Standard insurance cover often falls short when premium or classic vehicles are involved.

Frequently asked questions

Am I still covered if I let out my holiday home?
If you are planning to let your property this is something you will need to discuss with your insurer or broker before you begin letting arrangements as it could impact your premium and / or cover.
I am worried about underinsurance due exchange rate issues. What can I do?
It is worth considering whether you want to state your sums insured in the currency of where your holiday home is located. This may help you avoid any underinsurance due to exchange rate fluctuations. It is possible to have a policy from a UK based broker or insurer but with the sums insured detailed in Euros.
Will Brexit impact Marsh Private Clients' ability to provide me with insurance?
Following the end of the transition period (currently scheduled for 31 December 2020), Marsh Private Clients will no longer be able to service policyholders who are based in the European Economic Area (EEA), unless they have a UK presence (UK bank account and UK address) and we can therefore provide our services to them in the UK.