Prestige car insurance

Why specialist prestige car insurance?

When purchasing a performance car, considering the engine size, model and interior are some of the first priorities. But, one of the biggest challenges can be finding suitable prestige car insurance. Standard insurance cover often falls short when premium or classic vehicles are involved.

  • Flexible driving
    We can provide access to comprehensive cover that allows you to drive vehicles not owned by you, and for others to drive your vehicle without having to contact us first.
  • Home and abroad
    We can design prestige car insurance cover to protect UK registered vehicles all over Europe. So you’re insured when you leave our shores for other climates.
  • Reporting the damage
    Making a claim can be a very stressful experience. That’s why our clients have a dedicated Client Manager to fully support them in the event of a claim.

How our prestige car insurance team can help

We are committed to developing a comprehensive prestige car insurance proposition that delivers relevant, valuable additional services, which offer real benefits to our clients.

Our prestige car insurance solutions often involve a detailed assessment of your high value vehicles, establishing cover requirements tailored to your precise needs.

What can prestige car insurance include?

  • Any driver cover
    Can be arranged on a high number of vehicles.
  • Agreed value
    Eliminating issues faced with setting on a depreciating market value basis, great for appreciating your classic car.
  • Full breakdown cover
    Including European coverage eliminating the need for an individual policy.
  • Comprehensive driving other cars
    Protecting both you and the car you are borrowing.
  • Like for like courtesy vehicle
    Keeping you in the quality of vehicle you are accustomed to.
  • Your choice of repairer
    Allowing you to choose where your vehicle is repaired.
  • No blame bonus
    If it's not your fault then you do not lose your no claims bonus.
  • Unlimited lock replacement and audio/entertainment cover
    This can save you £1000s, worth considering with a high value car.

Personal dedicated service

Each of our clients and their families have their own dedicated Account Executive looking after them. As our clients' needs change and develop, so do their policies.

We work with a variety of insurers, risk management and security consultants to identify the best ways to improve the protection afforded to our clients' most valuable assets. This means we can provide an impartial solution that works.

Combined policies

As well as combining multiple property policies into one easy to manage renewal date, we can also combine prestige car insurance policies to one policy with one renewal date for home and car. 

Prestige home insurance

Are you aware of the true value of your home? Are you confident you know the cost of a full rebuild, or the cost of replacing all your belongings? Property underinsurance is a common problem. Total rebuild costs are often overlooked, leaving many high-value items without cover under “one-size-fits-all” insurance policies. Our prestige home insurance offers more.

Want to go a little faster?

Fancy driving your performance car around a track, we can arrange the appropriate cover.

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine all my cars into one simple renewal date?
Yes, whether you have multiple vehicles in the UK or overseas, we can help consolidate them into one simple renewal date.
How can I avoid depreciation when insuring my classic car?

Our private client team can arrange an agreed value as part of your insurance policy. With this cover in the event of a loss you will receive the car's full-insured value with no depreciation, less your excess.

Do I need insurance cover if my classic car is currently stored in the garage?

We can arrange cover for when antique or classic cars are garaged or off the road for repair without the need for an on the road policy.

Will Brexit impact Marsh Private Clients' ability to provide me with insurance?
Following the end of the transition period (currently scheduled for 31 December 2020), Marsh Private Clients will no longer be able to service policyholders who are based in the European Economic Area (EEA), unless they have a UK presence (UK bank account and UK address) and we can therefore provide our services to them in the UK. 

What our clients say

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