jewellery and watch insurance

Why do you need to check your jewellery and watch collection is insured?

A significant birthday present, a grandmother’s engagement ring, an anniversary watch…jewellery and watches are often much more than just beautiful objects which is why you will want to arrange appropriate insurance. We can arrange prestige home insurance policies that will provide watch insurance and jewellery insurance that can include:

  • Agreed value cover
    For specified items you can arrange an agreed value which means if you suffer a covered claim you will receive the agreed value in compensation.
  • Worldwide cover
    When you wear your jewellery or watch on holiday you are safe in the knowledge that they are covered
  • Pairs and sets cover
    If you lose or damage part of a pair (such as an earring) we will work with you to provide a replacement solution that you are happy with, for instance a new pair of earrings.

How our prestige insurance experts can help

Our Private Clients team can arrange a policy that will offer protection for your collection as it grows in size and value.

What can watch and jewellery insurance and collectible insurance include?

  • Damage to watch or jewellery
    The option to repair, replace or be compensated for a damaged watch or piece of jewellery.
  • Automatic cover
    For any new items for up to 60 days.
  • No onerous security warranties
    Ensuring that the one day you forget to set your alarm or put your jewellery back in the safe you will still be covered should the unfortunate happen. 


Frequently asked questions

Will my jewellery and watches be covered under my home contents insurance policy?

A typical home insurance policy might not provide adequate cover for your jewellery and watches as well as all your other possessions. Our Private Clients team can arrange a high net worth prestige home insurance policy that can protect your collection and other assets. However, if your jewellery and watch collection is comprised of several high value pieces you may benefit from insuring each piece separately, our Private Clients team can advise you on the most appropriate protection for your collection.

Will my insurance allow me to wear my jewellery and watch overseas?

Our Private Client team can arrange policies that provideworldwide cover so your jewellery and watches are protected from any accidentalloss or damage while travelling.

Do I need to get my jewellery and watches valued?

To help avoidany under insurance issues it is worth getting your jewellery and watches valuedregularly, at least every three years. After all the worst time to discover youare under insured is when you need to make a claim. 

Will I need to install a safe?

If this is acondition of your insurance policy our Private Clients team will inform you andif appropriate can assist you in arranging an installation. 

Will Brexit impact Marsh Private Clients' ability to provide me with insurance?
Following the end of the transition period (currently scheduled for 31 December 2020), Marsh Private Clients will no longer be able to service policyholders who are based in the European Economic Area (EEA), unless they have a UK presence (UK bank account and UK address) and we can therefore provide our services to them in the UK. 

Personal dedicated service

Each of our clients and families have their own dedicated Account Executive looking after them. As our clients' needs change and develop, so do their policies. We work with a variety of insurers, risk management and security consultants to identify the best ways to improve protection afforded to our clients' most valuable assets. This means we can provide an impartial solution that works. 

Prestige home insurance

Are you aware of the true value of your home? Are you confident you know the cost of a full rebuild, or the cost of replacing all your belongings? Property under insurance is a common problem. Total rebuild costs are often overlooked, leaving many high-value items without cover under “one-size-fits-all” insurance policies. Our prestige home insurance offers more.

Renovation insurance

Planning an extension or home renovation?
Don't forget to tell your insurers before any work commences or they could decline any claims that may arise. Your home insurance policy will detail the limits of acceptable works that they can cover within your existing policy. In many cases, the best approach may be to arrange a relevant renovation insurance package to cover your home and the building works for the duration of the project.