professional indemnity insurance for solicitors, pii insurance

Professional indemnity insurance for solicitors

Professional indemnity insurance

In a busy legal practice operating in challenging business conditions, time is your most valuable asset. Finding the right insurance protection needn’t be time-consuming or confusing. 

Professional indemnity insurance is mandatory for law firms and having cover in place to deal with claims is vital to protect your business and reassure your clients. Our PI insurance for solicitors offers you:

  • Competitive price
    Professional indemnity for solicitors can be expensive. We help you obtain a competitive price with an insurer who can be trusted to pay claims or defend against them when necessary.
  • A good risk
    Claims can be persistent and new types of risk are emerging. We can help you demonstrate how you put your risk management plans into effect, and clarify what underwriters will find useful in considering your firm's quality.   
  • Extra support
    We can also provide defence costs cover for disciplinary matters and a helpline for compliance officers for legal practice (COLPs).

How our team of PI experts can help you

We only work with A-rated insurers to find you the best professional indemnity cover that's competitive, but stable. We also provide guidance and explanations about your solicitors indemnity insurance so you know you're appropriately managing your risk.

Marsh has more than 80 years’ experience designing and placing primary professional indemnity, and all other insurance for law firms.

As solicitors professional indemnity insurance brokers we are committed to building an ongoing relationship with you. We give you a local service that's supported by central knowledge and influence via Marsh.

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Marsh and you

Marsh’s Lawyers Practice Group is a global Practice dedicated to law firms and solicitors. We are insurance advisors to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and many law societies. Marsh is at the forefront of broking insurance and advising the legal industry on risk and insurance issues.

Cyber liability insurance

Cyber liability insurance

The reliance your business has on technology has probably grown in recent years. In parallel, the risks faced by businesses relying on technology and data have also increased. We help you to take action, rectify the situation and repair the damage.

Key person protection

Key person protection

Key people come in all shapes and sizes: business owners who set the strategic direction; people who have influence on profit; specialist employees; or people who have relationships with third parties. We can help you to put plans and cover in place to ensure that if any key people are lost, you are protected.