Integrated insurance and risk management solutions for businesses that operate multi territory portfolios that are delivered locally, managed centrally.

 For those clients with multi territorial portfolios we offer an integrated international insurance programmes.

Based on our extensive experience of these programmes the key deliverables are:

  • consistency of cover across the entire portfolio
  • operating to agreed service standards across the various territories
  • claims management delivered locally, managed centrally
  • addressing local compliance and insurance regulatory issues
  • client’s access to risk and management data accessed via Jelf client portal
  • a consistency in approach to risk management.

A dedicated resource

Having established our client’s objectives and business exposures via an insurable risk exposure analysis, we assign a member of our team to act as the focal point for overseeing the delivery of our international insurance proposition both centrally and locally.

Central control and service delivered by us:

  • Responsible for design and delivery of an integrated controlled Pan European programme.
  • Arrange the master policy with insurers which sets out the scope of our client’s Pan European programme.
  • Instruct our Network broker partners on matters pertaining to renewal of Pan European programme.
  • Issue International Network handbook, detailing local appointed partners brokers, claims management and notification process and expected service standards.
  • Collect and collate renewal data from client's overseas offices for assets located overseas and forming part of the Pan European policy.
  • Monitor and collate information on overseas claims and issue claims management reports.

Collect and collate details from Network Broker Partners of policies arranged locally to renewal.

  • Local service delivered by our broker network partner(s):
  • Operates in accordance with service standards set and agreed by Jelf.
    Advises a client on territorial statutory covers.
  • Arranges local or statutory covers, issue policy documentation and premium invoices.
  • Provides advice on fiscal issues related to the provision of local policies
  • Provides a client with support, and acts as first point of contact on day to day enquires.

Our local broker partners

We are a member of The Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING), a select panel of insurance brokers providing a co-ordinated, integrated insurance and risk management solutions for businesses who operate on the global stage.

Profile of WING*:

  • established over 25 years ago
  • WING membership requires a rigorous selection process to ensure they can deliver:
    • first class service
    • experienced and knowledgeable staff
    • experienced in addressing local compliance and regulatory issues
  • unites the experience of 73 members located in 58 locations with 582 offices
  • employs in excess of 10,500 staff in 55 countries
  • has a turnover of over € 9.5bn
  • has a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients.

Contact us for a quote. Our experienced team will discuss your needs and tailor an insurance solution best suited to your requirements.

*Statistics taken from The Wing Group 2015.

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