Why do you need online gaming insurance? 

When running a business in the online gaming sector, you rely heavily on your customers' confidence in your ability to pay out jackpots. As experts in your industry we understand this; and our approach to your insurance is one that protects your reputation and installs confidence for your customers.

How we can help

We only work with financially secure insurers and underwriters who are experts in online gaming and prize indemnity insurance. The range of insurance products available to us means we can offer companies in the online gaming sector peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a loss, your business is covered. Policies are tailored to your individual requirements, allowing you to be creative with how you offer your games.

Prize Indemnity Insurance

Online gaming provides an opportunity to win life-changing amounts of money, and the higher the jackpot on offer, the more customers will engage with you. Insuring your jackpot enables you to offer multi-million pound prizes with the confidence that in the event of a big win, the financial burdens of legal costs, PR crisis management, and cost-related reputational damage could be removed from your balance sheet.

Cyber Liability insurance

What would happen to your business if your system went down, or was hacked, for even an hour – how many players would you lose? System downtime can cost businesses as much as £1,000,000 per day. Technology failures and the loss of customers’ personal data can not only mean immediate lost sales and time, but legal action against you, and longer term reputational damage.

Cyber liability insurance policies can assist you in both recovering your costs, and in dealing with the situation as it happens.

Directors' & Officers' Liability insurance

Your business is built on reputation and happy customers,but equally important is trust in your employees and your own actions. You can be held accountable for every decision you make, and many managers face growing exposure to claims. Our Directors’ & Officers’ cover can ease some of the financial burdens, such as legal costs, should you have a case brought against one of your directors or officers.