Rally Car Insurance

Stick to win competition

Fancy winning one year's motorsport road insurance for any of the following:

  • Competition Vehicle
  • Support Vehicle
  • Support Motor Home
  • Support Race Transporter
  • Rescue Unit (UK)

Request one of our car stickers to enter our draw, or view our stick to win gallery below.

Take part in our draw

Simply request one of our exclusive motorsport division car stickers, stick it on your car and send us a picture along with your contact details and you could be the winner of a year’s road insurance! Please ensure that you read our terms and conditions before entering.

Request your sticker by emailing info@jelfmotorsport.com, or see our motorsport specialist Jaz Bareham at various rally time controls and service areas and request one directly. Good Luck!

Willie Mavitty

Tony Barson

Tim Daltry

Victoria Pickles

Steve Kimber

Robert Dennis

Stephen Smith

Mark Dickinson

Allan Honda Wirral Racing

Robert Dennis

Stephen Wright

David Carney

Matthew Weymouth

Ashley Davies

Tony Simpson

Ashley Davies

Robert Dennis

Melvyn Evans

Andrew Pritchard

Ben 750 MC

Charlie Martin

Willie Mavitty

Mr G Benham

Shaun Martin

Clive Kilpatrick

Daniel McKenna

Sian Stafford

Tim Daltry

David Carney

Emily Bunyan

Simon Cripps

Fran Kinsella

Paul Bareham

Graham Charman

Honda Wirral Racing

Paul Bryant

James Grint

Kim Baker

Malachy Loughran

Robert Dennis

Gavin Antony Riddell

Photo Credit: David Gardener, Delta Pixels

Craig Drew

Photo Credit: David Gardener, Delta Pixels

Carl Shield