Importance notices

This scheme is for vehicles used either during or whilst travelling to or from UK based motor sport events, either as a competition vehicle, event support vehicle or ancillary vehicle belonging to the motor sport competitor, event support team member or motor sport club.

Duty of Disclosure

To obtain the appropriate cover for your needs we need to ask you some essential questions. If you are unsure of any points please simply call us.

If you are a consumer insured (i.e. a person taking out insurance for purposes wholly or mainly unrelated to your business, trade, or profession), and the insurance policy is governed by English law, then you must:

  • Take reasonable care to provide complete, accurate, and honest answers to the questions we and your insurers ask, and not to make a misrepresentation, when you take out, make changes to, and renew your policy.
  • You should note that if on renewal of your policy you do not meet your insurer’s request to confirm or change details you have previously given, this may amount to a misrepresentation.
  • Please also tell us if there are any changes to the information set out in the Statement of Fact, Certificate of Insurance (if applicable), or on your Schedule.
  • If any of the information provided by you changes after you purchase or renew your policy and during the period of your policy please provide us with details.

Failure to Disclose

If any of the information provided by you is not complete and accurate:

  • Your insurer may cancel your policy and treat it as if it never existed; or
  • Your insurer may refuse to pay any claim, or
  • Your insurer may not pay any claim in full, or
  • Your insurer may revise the premium and/or change the compulsory excess, or
  • The extent of the cover may be affected.

For motor insurance it is an offence under Road Traffic legislation to provide incomplete or inaccurate information to the questions asked in your application for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of motor insurance.

Insurers recommend you keep a record (including copies of letters) of all information provided to them or us for your future reference.

The above duties arise before the policy is placed, when it is varied or extended and when it is renewed. The duties may also arise during the policy period if the policy contains a condition which requires you to advise your insurer of a specific increase or alteration in risk. If you are not sure whether your insurer needs particular information, we recommend that you provide it to them anyway.

How we use your data

The personal data you provide may be shared with insurers and their agents, financial providers and payment processors, for the purpose of this quotation and the provision of the information relating to your policy and cover. We may use the personal data you provide for legal and regulatory purpose. In some circumstances, the personal data you provide may be transferred outside the European Economic Area. Full information about how we use personal data is included within our Terms of Business.

Important notice

These details together with your policy booklet, policy schedule and certificate of motor insurance form the basis of your insurance contract with us.

It is essential that you read the “important notices” below as these contain important information that may affect your policy cover.

  • These details are a record of the information provided to us. Please check they are correct and keep these documents in a safe place. You should tell us if any of the information changes. Not doing so may invalidate your insurance cover or result in claims being rejected or reduced. We may reassess your cover, terms and premiums when we are told about changes in your circumstances.
  • If you knowingly provide us with false information to influence our assessment of any of the following you could be committing fraud which is a criminal offence:
    • Your eligibility for this policy
    • The terms and conditions applying to your policy
    • Your insurance premium
  • Warning: no cover applies until a cover note or certificate of motor insurance has been issued. It is an offence under the road traffic act to make a false statement for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of motor insurance.
  • This document is available in large print audio or Braille. Please contact us if this is required
  • At inception of the policy, you have the right to cancel the policy within 14 days of receiving the schedule. For full details please refer to the policy wording.