international group scheme leaver service

What is the international group scheme leaver service?

We understand that from time to time employees will leave your company, having been assigned overseas for a period. If they are planning on staying overseas or they’re considering living outside the UK, this is the time for them to consider retaining their International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) cover.

We can often arrange continuous cover, or reduced medical underwriting, for any such employees leaving the protection of their company scheme.

However, insurers have time limits for allowing continuation of cover to an individual policy so make sure your employees act quickly; we would recommend applying within 30 days of leaving the company policy.

Why continue IPMI cover?

Continuing IPMI cover can provide your employees the peace of mind that they and their family are adequately protected where local health provision can be as varied as the local language and culture.

IPMI can be a complex business. It is particularly important that they have a policy that gives them access to the benefits that suit their specific needs, but also one that fits the country in which they choose to live, and complies with all of the local legislations and regulations.

As a rule of thumb, your employees should consider continuing their IPMI cover if:

  • They’re working outside of their home country for more than 3-6 months per year or they are globally mobile.
  • They’re working in areas where healthcare is a legal requirement (such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai).
  • They want assurance that they and their family are covered – especially where there is no NHS equivalent, or the standard of healthcare is poor.

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