Health & Safety Management

Help with Health & Safety

You know you need to do something. A fair few things such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits are as compulsory as they are obvious.

You also probably know that you can do more but, as running a busy business takes up the majority of your day, you lack the time required to investigate your risks properly. That is, until you have a serious incident. Our partners are on hand to make sure you get ahead of the game.

  • Action planning and monitoring
    In addition to working with you to develop a plan, their service includes site visits, audits, inspections, documentation, procedures, checklists, online e-learning , and even tool box talks.
  • Documentation and training
    They fill gaps in your paperwork and skillsets with documents that are written specifically for your business, and are able to provide online training that is designed specifically for your people.
  • Taking action
    Our partners work in partnership with you, standing side-by-side to defend enforcement action, while acting as a buffer between you and the enforcing bodies.

How our expert risk management partner can help

The first step is to conduct a compliance gap analysis to develop their understanding of your core needs. They then work with you to develop an action plan before starting on implementation. They take care of the bulk of the work (writing policy, risk assessments, facilitating discussions, etc.) in order to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Health & Safety & Risk Management Services

Health & Safety: External competent person

A consultant can be on hand to act as your businesses health & safety external competent person.  They will:

  • Complete: All health & safety policies and procedures and all health & safety risk assessments in conjunction with the Responsible Person.
  • Provide the Responsible Person with access to our E-Learning system Managing Health & Safety course.
  • Provide the advice needed to comply, including control measures and action plans. 
  • Ensure that all health and safety policies, risk assessments and action plans are contained within our online interactive platform Mercury. 
  • Conduct regular audits (off and on site) of progress towards full compliance.
  • Provide attendance at the premises in the event of any serious accident or incident.
  • Liaison with the HSE and / or Local Authorities on any issues on inspections.
  • Provide an indemnity for costs arising out of a health & safety prosecution.

Professional Advice Service

Detailed advice to your business on a specific health and safety issue. The service includes research and investigation into your the situation followed up with a written evaluation.

Risk Assessment Service

On-site service to complete and advice on Control Measures, including Action Plans, with the responsible Person in respect of:

  • Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Disability Discrimination Audit and Plan.
  • Asbestos Register.
  • Any other relevant Risk Assessment.

On-Site Consultancy Services

Visit to the business to assist with specific Health and Safety issues. These services include:

  • Site inspections and inspection reports.
  • Bespoke Health & Safety audits.
  • Accident Investigation.
  • Claims Defensibility.
  • Business Continuity Planning.

Advisors will always provide a tailored and personal approach to support your business.

Food Safety Management Service

A complete advice service on all aspects of Food Safety Management including:
  • Review of existing food management system.
  • Full explanation of HACCP and its principles to all relevant employees.
  • Auditing of existing documentation.
  • Establishment of a Food Safety Management System based on HACCP principles and the provision of the necessary training to implement the system.
  • The auditing of suppliers’ Food Safety Documentation.

Health & Safety Training

To supplement our extensive library of Health & Safety E-Learning courses, they can provide:

  • In – house training.
  • Bespoke training tailored to suit a client’s requirements.

Property Services

They also offer a range of on site services (including Full report) in respect of:

  • Property Inspections.
  • Property Surveys.
  • Business Continuity Planning.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning.

Duty of care to employees

All employers owe a duty of care to their employees and must; appoint a competent person who is responsible for ensuring they meet the legal requirements, conduct health and safety risk assessments, have a health and safety policy and maintain health and safety standards for cleanliness.

Our risk management partners can give you external advice, support and verification or become your ‘competent person’.

Your competent person

Our partners work with you to review and update critical documents, put in place risk improvement plans and aid your continual progression towards compliance. We will visit your business to carry out safety walks, attend HSE visits, carry out tool box talks and assist you with maintaining continued health and safety.

They can carry out audits and provide advice and assistance to ensure health and safety compliance with legal obligations and to reduce risks.