Fleet Risk Management

Why you need to think about fleet risk management

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a challenging job.  Add the stress of dealing with claims, and you have a real challenge on your hands. 

We work to put you in control by introducing systems, processes and technology that streamline the claims while influencing driver behaviour. 

  • Prevention before the cure
    Our main focus is on accident prevention; a proactive rather than reactive way of managing your fleet risks.
  • Improving evidence
    We introduce improved policies; procedures and technology to ensure you collect accurate evidence.
  • Education and awareness
    We educate your workforce to positively influence driver behaviour and ensure incidents are reported quickly. 

How our motor fleet risk management consultants help

Every business is different. A haulier is going to operate differently to a van hire company. We work in partnership with you and your insurer to design a risk programme that minimises your fleet risks.

Effective fleet risk management can help you to reduce the frequency of accidents and the associated claims. It can also reduce your premiums.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Insuring vehicles on the road is a legal requirement, but finding the right insurance for your individual business involves more that just a tick in the box. Our Commercial Vehicle Insurance experts are on hand to help.

Vehicle sourcing and finance

Choosing, sourcing, financing, and managing fleets can be hugely time-consuming. Whether you want just one vehicle or a fleet, cars or vans, our team can help you find the right solution.