Fleet Risk Management

We're here to help with your fleet risk management

We know when you manage a fleet of vehicles, you face many day-to-day challenges and risks. As well as protecting your investments, you also have a responsibility to protect your employees.

We put you in control. With systems, processes and technology that not only makes the claims process run smoothly, they also influence driver behaviour – reducing risk.

Our motor fleet risk management will help you with:

  • Prevention accidents and reducing risk
    Our primary focus is to prevent accidents, taking a proactive rather than reactive fleet risk management approach.
  • Improving evidence
    Improved policies, procedures and technology that ensure you collect accurate evidence.
  • Education and raising awareness
    Educating your workforce to influence driver behaviour and ensure incidents are reported quickly.

What our specialist fleet risk consultant can do for you

From hauliers to van hire, large or small fleets – every business is different. We work in partnership with you and your insurance provider to manage your unique risks.

Having adequate fleet risk management insurance in place can help reduce the frequency of accidents and associated claims. It can also reduce your premiums.

Trade credit insurance

Non-payment can be a significant risk for any business trading on open credit terms. Trade credit insurance helps mitigate this risk. It can cover any business dealing on credit terms, whether supplying goods, providing services or operating in a contracting environment.