EMPLOYEE Financial Education for life

Why do you need to think about career-long financial education?

A recent study shows that 47% of employees dealing with financial stress either miss work occasionally or report that they are less productive.1 But what if you could help them in work?

  • be. proactive
    Life is unpredictable. But we do have the ability to be prepared and react in a positive way, to make the most of our financial situation.
  • be. in control
    As a trusted source of information you have the opportunity, access and duty of care, to offer support to every one of your employees.    
  • be. positive 
    Provide your staff with their own impartial, expert friend - enabling them to be informed, make better financial decisions and thrive. And when they thrive, your business thrives.

How our workplace education consultants can help

Change is certain. Having the tools to manage change is not. Our workplace education team's sole focus is to design and deliver career-long financial and retirement education programmes.

1. PWC: Sept 2017 special report: Financial stress and the bottom line

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Whether you have taken steps towards improving the financial wellbeing of your workforce, or you're looking to start, we can support you. Read our eBook 'Improving financial wellbeing in the workplace'.

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We listen to you and build personalised solutions based on our understanding of your needs, your business and your workforce. We can help you to create an education program to improve employee wellbeing and lessen the people risks that can have a significant impact on your business.

Face-to-face workshops

We offer set modules on a variety of financial topics or we can create an education program specifically for your employees. Financial education in the workplace provides your employees with the tools and knowledge to plan effectively for the future. Our sole focus during the workshops is educating and supporting your employees, we do not promote our personal products and services.


We offer online training to complement our face-to-face workshops or as a stand-alone education tool. Our Financial Essentials and Planning for Retirement online courses use e-learning technology to provide interactive and enjoyable learning experiences. Employees can complete these in their own time, at their own pace.

Retirement planning

Employees don’t reach an exact age and leave your company. They need to consider all of the options available in detail and prepare themselves for the transition into life after work. If you have employees who are nearing retirement, help them prepare for the retirement that they want and ease the transition from working life into life after work.

Salary Exchange

Ensure your business is taking advantage of the most efficient way to make pension contributions. Our team can provide practical help and financial education for your employees when you implement salary exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we offer financial education services to our geographically diverse workforce?
We have a range of solutions including Face-to-Face, Digital e-learning and webcasting/webinar capability that we can provide across the country and tailor to a diverse workforce’s needs.
How can we help employees with debt problems?
We can provide tailored workplace financial education to help employees tackle their debt and create a financial plan, as well as improving their financial habits to avoid getting into debt in the future.
How can we help our employees get on to the housing ladder?
We have specific workshops on a variety of topics including how to plan for buying a house and the various savings schemes that are available to first-time buyers. We put this in the context of their personal saving goals and planning effectively for the future.
How can you help us engage employees with the pension scheme and make appropriate contributions?
We not only provide education on how to plan for the future and understand pensions in general, we can educate your employees on the specific details of your pension scheme and encourage them to engage and manage their contributions to achieve their retirement saving goals.
Do you plan to sell, or provide bias towards, products and services to my employees?

Absolutely not. Your employees are the priority. We aim to train them to think for themselves, rather than tell them exactly what to do. Our fee is paid for by the employer, so our trainers can focus on the needs of your employees; ensuring no bias towards any particular path, provider or product.