health screening

What is health screening?

Health screening is about picking up potential health issues before they become major issues. Many companies will offer screens to certain individuals or job roles that the business would suffer if they went off ill. There are many screening offers available on the market and increasingly, these are being offered at your place of work, keeping costs down and opening this benefit up to a wider population.

Many providers recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t suit everyone and will offer a range of screening options depending on your requirements. This can include:

  • Mini health screening assessments: looking at common health concerns including medical history and lifestyle questions, height and weight measurements, and BMI calculations. These can include ‘know your number’ days to give people a high level understanding of their general health and watch points.
  • Gender specific assessments: designed to review male or female specific health checks.
  • Comprehensive (or full) screening: offering an in-depth assessment to give employees a clear picture of their health and wellbeing, including full biochemistry profile, spinal assessment, lung function, ECG and chest x-ray.

What are the benefits?

Key benefits can include:

Employer benefits

  • High valued benefit at a low cost
  • Reduced absence as they can identify any concerns before they become a problem- even at the pre-employment stage
  • Reduced presenteeism as individuals will have their health concerns addressed – helping them to stay focused on the day job
  • Improved employee engagement, health and productivity
  • Flexible – can be arranged at your place of work to cover a broader population and save time
  • Wide range of choices to suit your requirements and budget
  • Available as a voluntary option

Employee benefits

  • Peace of mind that they have been screened and potential problems may be identified
  • Tailored to each individual’s age, life stage and requirements
  • Post-screen review with GP and physiologist, along with an action plan to help get the most out of life
  • Receive advice and guidance on a range of health and wellbeing issues
  • Quality time with a GP who will look at you as a ‘whole’ and not one condition or symptom at a time.

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