Health cash plans

What are health cash plans?

A health cash plan can be a very cost-effective way to support your employees and help protect your business. It can be offered as a stand alone benefit but equally integrates with other wellbeing benefits. It provides cash benefits for a range of day to day treatments from health professionals, including, but not limited to consultants, dentists, opticians and physiotherapists.

Whether it’s a check-up or treatment, your employees can obtain quicker diagnosis and treatment in the private health sector and receive cashback, up to set limits.

Many health cash plans providers also offer online portals, second opinion cover and integrated employee assistance programmes to help further enhance the wellbeing of your employees. And it can cost as little as £1 a week per employee.

What are the benefits of health cash plans?

Key benefits of health cash plans can include:

Employer benefits

  • High valued benefit for employees at a low cost to the business
  • Reduced absence, tackling some of the major causes such as minor illnesses and musculoskeletal problems
  • Reduced presenteeism as employees will be treated sooner
  • Helps with recruitment and retention – saving you money
  • Improved employee engagement, health and productivity
  • Choice of health cash plan cover levels, so you only pay for what you need

Employee benefits

  • Peace of mind, with rapid access to everyday health benefits
  • Claims are paid straight into employee’s bank account so they will be reimbursed quickly
  • Can include partner and/or children to the plan
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Feel valued by their employer
  • A benefit that most will be able to use every year for day to day treatments

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As part of Marsh & McLennan Companies, we are able to use our buying power to negotiate packages for our clients. Ask us about SimplyHealth's Optimise health cash plan to help your employees maintain their everyday health, so that they can focus on the health of your business.



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