We're here to help with insurance for tradespeople

You wouldn't think of starting a job without the right equipment. Arranging insurance for your business is no different. It pays to speak to our professionals and that's why we're here to help you. 

The nature of your work can present many risks to you, your staff or subcontractors and the general public. We understand your business and the challenges you face and we can help you find tradesman insurance.

  • Your tools, vehicles and property, covered: tools and equipment that you own, as well as those you hire in or loan out; vehicles or plant used for your work; property and materials on-site.
  • Bespoke cover – from sole traders to managers of large businesses, our tradesmen insurance is designed around you.
  • Professional support –  our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you have, resolve issues you encounter, and with any claims that arise.

How our team of tradesman insurance experts can help you

At Marsh Commercial, we're part of a global group with a local community focus. Our team of experts have years of experience supporting tradesmen and contractors like you. 

We take time to understand your unique needs to arrange the insurance for tradesmen that's right for you.

What cover can tradesman insurance offer?*

We can arrange the following areas of cover, depending on your business needs:

  • public liability
  • employers liability
  • subcontractor liability
  • contract works
  • plant
  • stored materials
  • tools in transit
  • professional indemnity
  • groundwork risks
  • personal accident cover
  • completed dwellings awaiting sale
  • environmental clean-up
  • vehicles, including directors’ cars.

*As with all insurance policies, terms and conditions apply. Contact us for full details.

Handyman insurance

From fixing the guttering on a five-storey roof to tending to a light fitting in a domestic property, we know your work is varied and presents different risks to you, your staff or subcontractors, and the general public. You need handyman insurance cover that protects against these risks.

Builders insurance

We know the nature of your work carries many risks to you, your staff or subcontractors and the general public. You need cover that gives adequate protection against these risks and reassurance for your clients.

Electrical contractors insurance

As a specialist electrical contractor, we know that you face risks that may also affect your staff, subcontractors, and the general public. You need electrical insurance cover that gives adequate protection against these risks.

Frequently asked questions

What does tradesman insurance cover?
Because your work is so varied, you face many different daily risks and challenges. It's important to protect yourself against these risks by having the right insurance in place. If your tools or equipment are damaged or stolen, you would have to pay to repair or replace them without insurance. This could potentially be a significant cost to your business. Your tools could also pose a hazard to members of the public. As a tradesman, you should have tradesman liability insurance in place to protect against risks that may cause injury to the public or your customers. If you employ staff, you're legally required to have employers liability insurance. Professional indemnity insurance will cover any legal costs and damages that you could be liable for should you or your business make a mistake.
Do tradesmen need public liability insurance?
Accidents happen. Every day, your business is exposed to risks that may cause injury to the public, your customers and anyone visiting your site, as well as property damage. You need to protect yourself against third-party claims arising from these situations. Tradesman public liability insurance will cover legal defence costs and compensation costs should you face a claim against yourself.
Do tradesmen need professional indemnity insurance?
Mistakes happen; no matter how much attention you pay to detail, sometimes projects don't go to plan. As a tradesman, you are liable to pay any legal defence costs and any compensation relating to claims of errors in your work. Tradesman professional indemnity insurance will protect against these costs if a claim is made against you.